Didn't Jack Hershey promise educational training videos?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Thunderdog, Aug 28, 2007.

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  2. They've posted a few.....there is a charting video that shows you how to properly draw trendlines, etc. Ask spyder, he can direct you to the link.
  3. Actually, I was hoping there would be one to show how SCT works, since I am not convinced that trading can be conducted in such a manner for any length of time to positive effect. However, being somewhat open-minded, I would be interested to watch a video demonstrating such a feat.
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    I am not convinced the video would convince you.

    Does it make sense?
  5. Ask Jack for his track record.. then you'll see a disappearing act worthy of Copperfield
  6. Rather than being evasive, why not just provide the video if it exists, and we'll see what happens?
  7. Calling a live trade would convince everyone.. but we both know it will never happen
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    It would be great if Jack and T28 could call live trades together.
  9. Why? What does T28 push?
  10. No one pushes anything, its all just free information on a free forum. Those that choose to read, thats cool and those who dont, thats also cool.

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