Didnt Barrons say Republicans will win

Discussion in 'Politics' started by S2007S, Oct 22, 2006.

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    Republicans are battling to keep control of Congress. But polls and analysts in both parties increasingly suggest Democrats will capture the House and possibly the Senate on Election Day Nov. 7.

    Democrats need a 15-seat pickup to regain the House and a gain of six seats to claim the Senate.

    Everything could change overnight for President Bush, who has governed for most of the past six years with a Republican Congress and with little support from Democrats.

    GOP losses could spark partisan warfare ...

  2. sold2u


    I would't be laying out the HAL and MO shorts quite yet.

    I think these polls overstate democratic support by a few ppts. The mainstream media tends to talk its book a little.
  3. The minions in the media tend to be Democrats. The ownership of media tends to be Republican. If the Dow Jones can keep trending higher, it'll tend to benefit incumbents more. That would be beneficial for Republicans. We'll see what happens later.
  4. One day you'll figure out that no one really wins, and the middle class always gets screwed!
  5. bush is a lame duck anyway... neither republicans or democrats or iraqi's or iranians or koreans or chinese or russian's or house pets listen to bush anymore anyway. he has destroyed all credibility of the us..
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    Polls should not be trusted too much since they can easily be biased. I sure hope that Republicans loose, but quite afraid that they still might hold on to majorities with tightest margins though. If the country still decides to retain Republicans, I guess we will get what we deserve.

    I wish there was a centrist party formed. The extremes are never good, neither on the right not left.
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    As far as the markets go, probably the best outcome would be for the Dems to take the House OR the Senate, but not both. I think the current rally has more to do with interst rates and low valuations on stocks.
  8. Hey Mike, is that you or did Lou Dobbs steal your password?

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    The middle class is in a mess because we don't watch what our politicians do. 99% of politicians are no good and the remaining 1% doesn't have enough clout to change anything.
    For one thing, the middle class should vote for politicians who are fiscally responsible and do not raise taxes left and right.
    Amazing though, I have a couple of friends who think paying more in taxes is good.
    Why? I will never know. The politicians are just going to take that tax money to fund more programs in order to troll for more votes and nothing else!
  10. looks like barrons was wrong(big suprise lol)
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