did yuor broker raised margin for ES YM

Discussion in 'Trading' started by thomfergu, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. mine did $4500 for ES $3503 for YM .i just noticed
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    most brokers will not raise the intraday margin, I have tradestation and OEC and they didnt, they dont when cme raises they of course raise the overnight margin. But as for the intraday, they do not. TS makes you set stops to use the daytrading margin which is fine , they give you a wide enuf stop
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    they must be expecting more volatility.
  5. if my memory serves me right, last time they raised margins it was on sep 10 and look what happened afterwards, we went strait up for a month. sure thing that might be coincidence to

  6. yeah, IB timed it wonderfully...raised margins near the bottom and reverted them basically at the top. lol.
  7. Overnight margins are set by the EXCHANGE. Your broker could ask for more, but never less than what the exchange sets.

    Intraday varies by broker. As another stated, Open ECry is at $500/ct for the ES currently.