Did you think shorting the market would be that easy? Smh

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by focusonmoney, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. Did you? First off, yes I'm bearish and yes I think the market will go back down, but not now :).. Why? Because the head n shoulders the market made was just to shake traders out.. Professionals run this market and they wouldn't make it that easy for us..

    I see a lot people are looking for shorts now, but why? Traders, please don't think like everyone else.. Most likely we will go higher and then go sideways for awhile then break down.. How high? who knows.. But look for confirmation before going short.. Don't get caught with your pants down because they will rape you yes rape you with no lube.. Ouch
  2. I have been saying this very same thing to other traders for the last two months when we were 100 points lower! And everyone said GO SHORT GO SHORT! Here we are now and I still say up and up we go! I got a target but I wont post it, prolly get bashed out.
  3. I predicted this runup 4 months ago.

    What's your problem?
  4. You guys either give price targets or shut up, you bunch of Monday morning quarterbacks!

    The head and shoulders was confirmation of the downturn - and it failed!
  5. Lol.. Yea i know what you mean.. If you have targets then post them, who cares if you get bashed out. I don't have any targets because I don't trade targets.. I trade price action.. Most likely this rally will slow down soon..

    The problem is everyone is trying to short the top, but they aren't looking at the big picture.. I doubt this market wants to go back to 666 anytime soon..
  6. PA yes Sir, if the market wants to give me 1 point then so be it. If it gives me 10 then yeehaaaw! lol...

    Anyways 1200 looks pretty doable to me. but then again the market will do what it wants.. so we will see..

    I also see gold down, oil down, and dollar up.