Did you see the size on YM?!!

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by trader99, Apr 11, 2003.

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    who the hell is trying to sell over 6500+ contracts on YM at 8218?! Now, they got it down to 5520. This is crazy. YM is not liquid enough for that. Now it's down to 5277.
  2. Sorry, I meant to sell 65.

    Fat fingers...
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    haha! i guess apparently, they sold it all...
  4. can you get a fill for 65 contracts on the YM?? NEVER TRADED more than 10 es at a time but i am curious
  5. Often when the market is trying to breakdown someone will 'show size' with a large limit order at the offer. It has no chance of getting filled and the guy is not really trying to sell that many. He is just trying to scare the market lower. You see it all the time in ES. The market is 50 x 1000 and a second later it is 50 x 200 which was the true bid ask size all along.
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    Normally, NO. That's why I was SURPRISED that much size got printed over a few minutes time period. Most of the time it's 1, 3, 5, the occasional 10, 15 contracts go by. This is the first time I see all these size keep on printing.

    It's NOT just showing then disappearing. It was printing. If you look at t&s, you'll see at 10:38am the followings huge sizes were printed - 64,330, 340,347 then shortly after 41, 50,etc. It's crazy. First time on YM.

    On ES, you can move 30-50 or 100 easily. And if you do that over a tens of minutes, I assume you can move a few thousands. But you'll probably have to hold it over long timer period since there might be liquidity issues when you try to get out! LOL!

    On, t-bond futures, it's no problem too.
  7. CNBC is reporting there was an error in the Dow futures this morning that caused the drop. First indications are that somebody entered a sell order for 7000 contracts that should have been 70. They claim there have been orders entered to correct it. This is just a rumor but CNBC is reporting it.
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    I have sold the YM from 7.00 o'clock but I am not getting the confirmation tradestation futures says that they are having problems ...
    If they can trade 65 contract I wonder why I am not getting the confirmation till now.:mad:
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    Depends if you are trading the pit contract or the screen. There is a guy who is 100 up in the pit all the time. The screen, no way. Everyone will front run your order. If you offer 100 on the screen at 8200 then you will get filled once the mkt starts ripping and is trading 8210.
  10. Daily volume for YM has increased to 40k from 10k last year.
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