Did you see the credit crisis coming

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Easy question - Did you know about the the oncoming credit crisis before it happened?

  1. Yes, I saw it coming and profited/protected

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  2. Yes, I saw it coming but didn't do anything

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  3. No, didn't see it coming and lost money

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  4. No, didn't see it coming but didn't lose money

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  1. Dan44


    Simple question...most people in the public and in investment banks didn't see this train wreck of a credit crisis.

    How many of you guys saw it coming, and did you profit from it.
  2. Warren Buffett warned of it a few years back. Few heeded.
  3. Saw it coming in 1992 after Slick Willy won and signed NAFTA.
  4. People in the know in housing, saw it coming 2 -3 years ago in SOUTH FLORIDA. I have a friend that sells high end cars & a lot of builders & developers predicted this nightmare.
  5. My neighbor who works for a local distributor of home appliances says business is down about 50%.
  6. It was obvious when they changed the BK laws for individuals. Two sets of rules don't ya' know.
  7. W4rl0ck


    A lot of people in finance and the asset backed stuff knew about. So the I-banks knew they were creating a ticking bomb. They couldn't have cared less since they were raking in huge $.

    I went to a few presentations where guys were trying to sell the things right up to the end. It was fun hitting them with embarrassing questions they couldn't or wouldn't answer.

    Buffett knew, Rogers knew. Both made it public early.
  8. Dan44


    So some of the guys knew about this....Those guys better make sure they haven't put this in an email otherwise they'll be doing the perp walk. Govt is going to make sure people go to prison for this, just to appease the public.
  9. Dan44


    I managed to find this interview between Jim Rogers and Maria Bartiromo. Its a classic. Perfect, perfect situation. lol


    P.S. Is she a market cheerleader, devils advocate or just plain crap?
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