Did you see the 60 Minutes VA report last night?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by John_Wensink, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. z always holds the VA as the model of gov't healthcare and it's an absolute disaster.

    1 in 4 records is incorrect, it takes months/ years to get answers or approvals.

    An absolute disaster. This is what we have to look forward to.
  2. didnt see it all but the part i saw was for disability payments and not healthcare. football game going over screwed up my dvr recording. the interesting part to me was when they said that since the recession started claims for a disability checks have skyrocketed. i suspect some are abusing the process looking for free money.
  3. The government won't allow this.
  4. LOL! Good one.
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    As a veteran I am quite grateful for the care I have received at VA hospitals over the years. The months/years that JW talks about is usually for disability applications or payments, not for healthcare service. I've used a half-dozen full VA hospital facilities across a couple of states, and in each case the healthcare services have been excellent. And I'm fortunate in that regard because I have what insurance companies classify as a pre-existing condition and could not get private medical insurance at any price. In fact that's the situation with many veterans, so the VA provides essential services to us. This is not a comment on the Obama/Democratic healthcare proposal, just on the existing VA system which is definitely not an absolute disaster.
  6. I am happy to hear your experience has been positive. Our veterans deserve the best.

    However, by their own admission 25% of their records are incorrect. Spread that over the entire US population and we are talking millions of potential mistakes.

    Think of a private hospital where the same conditions existed. They would be sued out of business in months.