Did you see my new commercial?

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  1. I'm starring in a new commercial....

    I fly through the air...

    I rapell down into a secured server room just inches above the floor (sorry Mission Impossible 2)

    I jujitsu the bad guys through the window, and wave them on for more...

    I drive the police car to a screeching halt....

    I'm dancing with the pretty lady....

    Hey, I'm AOL MAN

  2. Welcome to the latest ET troll.
  3. GG, FPC....Sardo...?
  4. huh?
  5. off topic, but who cares......here's some commercials i don't like right now.

    the new aol commercials show off some "fix computer" button. i can just picture all the idiots that can't use a computer and have problems wanting aol now so they can fix everything by clicking aol's fix my computer crap.

    there is a cable internet access provider suggesting that your kid will get good grades in school with cable internet. pay for our cable internet service for your child. do it for his grades in school.
  6. As much as I think AOL sucks, the commercial with Jerry Stiller and Snoop Dog has to be one of the best positioned advertisements to address AOL's weakness. You've recieved tons of free disks, but you GOTTA try the new one you got in the mail.
  7. I think being an AOL tech support rep would have to be one of the worst jobs I can imagine.
  8. Oh, I don't know. They're getting $5/hr, WHICH IN INDIA is pretty good money.
  9. Good point.
  10. No advertising!

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