Did you see Emini-sp500 busted 100 pt up?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Spark, Feb 4, 2003.

  1. Spark


    Today right after CSCO released earning report, emini ES future busted to about 100 points up i.e., 948. I was also listening to squawk box and the auctioner was also puzzled of it and mentioning 'painful' to those who had a stop buy at that price. In a minute ago, it was trading around 847-48. Suddenly it soared to 948 and came down to 849-56. I can clearly see people were scrambling to buy and sell in the abnormal prices. I was just puzzled. How such a bust happens? By hitting wrong key? Probably some trader in big broker firm hit 948 instead of 848?? Oh man I wish I had a sell order at 940s...generally i used to but today i didnt as future trading was not closed until 4:15. If it was erroneous, do you get money back if loss or give back if profit?? I used to hear trade bust but today I saw before me....
  2. gwnorth


    Hey Spark I wonder if you know of a good web site for info on learning the ins and outs of trading the S&P and Nas e minis. All the help I could get would be much appreciated. As I have heard there is sufficient risk to them but decent returns if done properly.

    Thanks :D