Did you remark that yahoo/bigchart historical datas are false ?

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  1. I don't use them anymore but there is something strange I observed when they made errors. For example the false high and low today are very near significant zone for example yesterday it says the high was 8577 whereas we made only 8523 and 8577 was the break limit today ! can we use Yahoo false datas as predictor :D

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  2. Babak


    There are 2 ways to calculate highs and lows for an index. One is the highs/lows that would occur with all the extremes of the components and the other is the high/lows that actually occured.

    Hope that clears it up.
  3. NO BABAK!, that's far too simple. A much better answer would include pyramid eyes, colorful charts, incoherent babbling, aliens, bush-cheney junta conspiracies, and a sun flare. Oh yeah: and waves, definitely a wave, definitely...definitely a wave...

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  4. But what is the OFFICIAL RULE it cannot be that the official market authorize multiple quotes. I never saw that on french market is it specific to US or what :D.

    On quote.com and prophet.net they do give 8523.

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  8. Isn't it archaic and ridiculous to calculate the index based on EXTREMES for the day? Sounds like a throwback to the days when grey men wearing eyeshades had to do the math.
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    Brother Nitro RULES!!!!! (to paraphrase our beloved brother Candletrader).

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  10. Babak your explanation was possible for Yahoo Wednesday quote but what about thursday ?

    On Yahoo Thursday's High is 8650 instead of 8628 your explanation doesn't fit since we opened from before yesterday's low so well below 8650 .

    Do you have a second explanation :) ?

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