did you know stock manipulation is legal ?

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  1. Announce good news, wait 30 minutes, then announce a public offering
    Legal . Must be. You see any arrests ?

    No shorts available at the 2.80 level where I saw the news . some now at 2.40 but no edge there
  2. upload_2022-6-21_17-32-52.png

    should have said small edge , but i hate chasing

    all those 3++ buyers fugged hard
  3. hmmm, there were 100,000 shares to short on this at the close, but somehow they all went bye bye by the time the news had hit

    dont know if they vanished then or in the 3's

    more proof of scam if you ask me upload_2022-6-21_17-38-11.png

    kind of odd for so many shares to be shorted into good news. or get taken out so fast on the secondary . Unless someone frontruns the news.

    2.10 now .

    shudda grabbed those 2.40 shorts . they lasted about 3 seconds

    see, now this is all live commentary., not the fake BS 99% of you post.

    2.03 now
  4. Think I posted more live trades here in a month than most of you have posted in a lifetime

    1.95 now , shorts are now back thanks for nothing mf !!!!
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  5. upload_2022-6-21_17-43-10.png
  6. I confess to few weaknesses but one big one is not taking the trade if I miss the first move.

    Cost me millions .

    1.86 now

    2.40 to 1.86 ..... do the math
  7. So releasing positive news is manipulative? Or making a public offering of shares when things are going well at your company is manipulative? Please explain in detail precisely what you would like to outlaw.
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  8. I would like to outlaw idiotic comments to brilliant posts

    ps, ask someone who just paid $3 for a 1.95 stock that question.

    and when you get out of the hospital, we'll talk some more
  9. This is how you would write the law? lol. I support free speech and your right to post this garbage but it's not very useful.
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  10. %%
    LOL\ORCL as another concrete example , that thing is still dropping too fast all year\ for me to buy\ much less type a buy in public \LOL:D:D.
    Nothing like a good concrete example post :caution::caution:
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