Did you know IB commish is lower than Global Futures?!

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  1. JackR


    Please explain how you get $2.40 a side at the 150 level shown in both your chart and the attachment. IB's unbundled rate starts at $2.35 for <= 300 contracts.

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  2. There are always, disturbed individuals like yourself who desperately try to seek attention to themselves by trashing very useful and informative threads, as this one has been which is full of content contributed by experienced traders regarding important issues such as the Cost of Trading which you would not understand. Rather than learn, you post out of context extracts to mislead you must be aware that those pics belong to early hours and early morning and fail to refer to the below posted content in the same thread you have referred to which shows TRUE EOD activity. The post was in response to another retard like yourself.


    Are you really this dumb or you take the audience as being so naive? One of the screen shots belongs to after hours as previously explained and the other one to still early hours of the day, where did I say these are EOD shots, this is an intelligent audience, do not insult them by trying to mislead them. Still here a sample of a few consecutive days:
    if you can add then you'll see 4/3 was 312 contracts in one day, before concluding TA's BUG is totally jeopardizing my trading.
    watch out, this is a trap to embarrass you by claiming the numbers been made up so I could then post a pic of the monthly statement
    4/1/08 ESM8 74
    4/1/08 ER2M8 74
    4/2/08 ESM8 58
    4/2/08 ER2M8 108
    4/3/08 ESM8 146
    4/3/08 ER2M8 166
    4/4/08 ESM8 124
    4/4/08 ER2M8 92
    4/7/08 ESM8 74
    4/7/08 ER2M8 30
    4/8/08 ESM8 8
    4/8/08 ER2M8 42
    4/9/08 ESM8 36
    4/9/08 ER2M8 72
    4/10/08 ESM8 130
    4/10/08 ER2M8 2
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  3. Jack,
    In my col title it does say RT which is:
    .90+.30 = 120/side * 2 = 2.40 / RT + 2.30 all else =4.70 RT all in as you have also concluded.\
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  4. OT,
    Useful info. I didn't know all that!

    you made me name them as much as I hate promoting them...
    it's GF, they publicly offer .35/side + 650 XT!
    don't post a link to them, just check it out on your own. BTW, very rude people they are, out of CA.

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  5. .35 * 2 = .70 rt ex fees
    .70 + 2.30 all else =3.0 rt all in ex plat
    650 / 5000 = .13 plat for 5k rt

    3.0 + .13 = 3.13 all in incl plat

    IB 5k rt @ 3.68 - 3.13 = IB higher by .55 for 5k

    5000 * .55 difference = $2750 / month additional cost of trading at IB for 5000 RT trades, ALL IN.
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  6. What else can one tell a guy who foolishly ignores the solid evidence of the statement posted and desperately tries to base his false argument on a timeless unsupported pic.?
    well, here's a thought, get a life and try for a change learning from others rather than polluting.

    good luck
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  7. In fairness to IB, it already comes with an API which in my case is a MUST and XT also has an API but I believe it may cost as much as a couple of thousand bucks to get one's program conformed! Then my question is, what happens every time you need to modify, add to or subtract from your program, do you need to get tested and conformed again? Maybe someone could shed more light on this API issue.
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  8. shoe boy, shoe...
    another good thread wasted!
    That is the bad news, the good news is we have in ET learned to live with all kinds of parasites... this thread already served it's purpose and drew some very nice arguments which should help answer some questions on most trader's minds daily.
    I have prepared a very detailed table of the IB comms. that will make things more clear which I'll post in a clean unpoluted thread.
    thanks for the contributions, OT, Jack and others. It sure helped me eliminate my doubts re different comm structures.

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  9. OK, now I get it. YOU ARE one of the TA attack DOGS/Bitches who continues to still hurt for my proving the TA BUGS and the lying conspiracies....hahahaha that feels good :D
    Anyhow, so I could further demonstrate you ignorance and the filthy intentions and specially since you retard took my byte, here you go:
    in the link below where you are referring to the 17 Trades, any one with minimum trading experience would have duly noted the huge spreads in the ER2 Bid/Ask shown that, can only happen during after hours and even a retard attack dog like yourself knows that but your filthy mind and techniques prefer to mislead an audience that any single one of them is more intelligent than yourself. Again, STUPID this lack of liquidity DOES NOT exist ever during normal Day trading hours! OK, do you get that or are going to twist it further to please your Bosses? Now, why did I choose that particular screen capture, well stupid, because the Transact BUGS occur during transition from after hours session to a regular session while carrying over night positions, understand? Well, tampoco strain your little brain too much just ask others.

    The other condition one of many Transact Platform Bugs occur as also CONFIRMED by other even TA cheer leaders is during scaling, which is the subject of the second link you have referred to showing 54 trades, take a look at the ER2 Time & Sales shown in the same capture and any trader would clearly see the scaling that has been going on, which I specifically did to confuse the back warded TA platform to get it to show it's BUG and had to reduce to and keep one position open to fully embarrasses them with horrific BUG their platform carries.

    Now, if you had any shame at all, after having taken my Byte to embarrass yourself as you did, you should go and abandon this one of your many scam aliases and go back to your bosses and report your failure with your tail nicely tucked between your legs now.

    BTW, Shyster, how come you keep ignoring the statement I have already posted several times and insist on hanging on to false accusations?
    Answer, because your type and lot are Shysters.
    There, little Parasite, happy now? So back to your hole.

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  10. 1- Thank you for pointing out another BUG of TA, which is not clearing the volume when you stay connected.
    Retard, if Transact CANNOT make their P&L to show the true correct balances, do you think they will bother with the total vol.? RETARD.
    2- English is NOT my second language but my THIRD stupid.
    3- You've been reported to the Admin for being such a nonsense pest and thread trasher.
    4- MONO language Monkey, it is screen shot(as in 2 words) and NOT screenshot!
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