did you have problems with IB today?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by PKJR, Jul 25, 2002.

  1. PKJR


    I am just curious as I did not see any info from Ib on system problems but I had problems today to get fills with Eminis today and IB was behind the market and my charts..was this a problem for you today or am I alone on with this problem?


    PS I know that market was fast but I am not sure if it affected also J-Trader platform
  2. ChrisM


  3. corvus


    Supposedly there was a problem with GLOBEX's systems around 11 am. It hit me pretty hard.

    If it was a GLOBEX problem, I don't think I could have hedged myself with another broker, had I had one. I'd also like to hear if non-IB traders got fills at that time (around 10:40am).
  4. JORGE


    I can not believe the problem I had today. I bought some AMAT at 15.2 pre market and placed an order to sell it at 15.3 when the mkt was 15.42 15.44 the order status went green and showed the sell. A few minutes later I found out my fill was 2.75 so I called customer service and they saw the error and told me they would get back to me. Long story short I was told 3 hours later that there was a problem with the supermontage mixing up my order with some other stock so they would cancel the sell order completely and leave me with my long position and the stock down 1.3 from where it was when I told them of the problem. I told them they could not expect me to eat the loss when the system told me I had sold the stock, they said tough shit. Do not know if I have any recourse, but enough to ruin my day. Been trading witht them for a year and this is the worst problem I have had, do not know if it was their fault or Nasdaq, but someone should have let me know a lot sooner than 3 hrs after the mistake.