Did you have a good day, dear?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Miki, Jul 19, 2002.

  1. Miki


    I trade in my study behind the closed door and emerge when I am done for the day.

    My wife doesn’t see me during the trading session and yet…

    When I come out of my seclusion she greets me with “Never mind, darling, you’ll do better next time” or “You had a good day didn’t you?”.

    Of course, I was curious how could she tell what a day I had.

    Apparently, I great my bad trades with “sh*t” and good trades with”hehe” and that allows her to work out the appropriate win/lose ratio.

    Next time I hear “About that new dress, darling….” I’ll know where it comes from.

    Please, tell me I’m not the only one with “sh*t / hehe” factor!

    Or are you all as cool as cucumber and great your trades with (using english accent here): “I say, trade, dear, about that dodgy retracement…”.
  2. lescor


    I've been told to keep it down when I'm having a bad day. We have young kids in the house and don't want them hearing daddy use such bad language.

    I really only want the specialists to hear me, since that's who I'm yelling at. But when the wife takes the kids out, I can let'er fly.

    I know you're not supposed to show emotion, but I like to vent and think it's ok if it doesn't affect my decision making. If feels good to yell and kick things sometimes.
  3. Bono


    :) Miki, I guess we're all the same ... we just use different vocabulary :)
  4. I trade at a prop firm in an office tower, and we have gotten warnng notices from the other tenants because we are always screaming and hollering. We are close to eviction really, and it is quite funny...kind of.

    I have no shit/hehe factor....more like a fucking slut!/yeaaahhhh bitch!! factor. But there have been guys let go from my firm because they could not control themselves while trading, would break keyboards, scream all the time...etc...
  5. :D

    My wife's name sort of rhymes with my cleanest adjective for a specialist (when hollered with my back to a closed door, anyway). When I pound my desk and yell, "THIEF," she thinks I'm calling her. Well, she used to. Now she knows what's up.

  6. I stay calm win or lose. I can control my gains or losses.

    It's when my ISP cable connection or IB connection malfunctions, which I have no control over, do the fireworks begin. I've got a 9-month old daughter and I don't want her first words to be "Fuckin' cable modem!" :D
  7. Good trade = "yea b!tch"!

    Bad trade
    unfilled bid price going higher
    unfilled ask price going lower
    MM or Specialist jerking the price arround
    late trade confirm

    = "fuc*k!ng @ss h@les"!

    When the wife is around I just say it under my breath.