Did you go to college and if so, how did your degree help in trading?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by cashonly, May 12, 2005.

How helpful was college to your trading career?

  1. I didn't attend college/university

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  2. Hasn't helped at all

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  3. Has helped somewhat

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  4. Was very beneficial to my trading

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  5. What I learned there was critical to my trading

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  1. cashonly

    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    I was wondering if people who went to college feel that their course of study helped them in their future trading career.

    As for myself, my college career was computer science and while it had nothing to do with finance, I use my computer background to enhance my trading.
  2. i'm very glad i went and that I studied what I did, but my college education has had no bearing on my trading whatsoever.
  3. didn't go to college...went to work instead

    played in a rock n' roll band...delivered pizzas...sold hi-fi

    got a job a a price reporter on the cboe and jumped around to better jobs as i learned via doing ...

    college would have been nice...would have been able to train myself to think sooner than later...

    probably missed some good personal contacts also....

    if i had to do it again i would most likely go to school...

    i would study computer science , mathematics, theology, and political science...

    but i would never underestimate street smarts or common sense...it has served me well
  4. cashonly

    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    I agree 100%!
  5. FredBloggs

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  6. for daytrading college degree is absolutely unnecessary.
  7. mogul


    exactly, no degree necessary for playing craps either

    or take the serious route and study your comp science, mathematics, and statistics
  8. I would study Finance and economics. Maybe become a CFP while learning how to trade. At least its a good back up plan, that has something to do with the financial world.
  9. i am graduating w/BS in computer science in about a month. i also took extra classes in economics, accounting, taxes, political science, music, and electrical engineering.

    the degree doesn't help with trading much. but i learned various ways/approaches to study different subjects and multitask under pressure.

    the college econ/acct/tax classes got me interested in the markets(not trading) in general. i started to do some price arbs with physical goods. then i got tired of having to make detours to the post office on my food runs. so i started trading less physical goods...

    since getting into my school's MS/BS program was easier than getting into the straight MS program. i found the point of least resistance, i applied and got into the masters program. i will have the next two years to work on my trading.
  10. Being able to write and efficiently code complex algorithms is absolutely essential to the way I trade. That's why I value my engineering mathematics education.
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