Did you ever....

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  1. take a shit so bad you started drafting your will out on the toilet paper?
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    FFS, LOL :)
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    Hmm. Through the analysis of your post, I assume you mean a log so huge and stiff that you cannot imagine it will ever fit through your exit hole. You know, where it gets "hung-up" on that first inch as it is poking out of the hole a wee bit?

    And then how when the resistance of the sphincter muscle finally gives way to the internal muscles forcing it out, it is like a potato out of a potato cannon and you have this insane feeling of relief and feel like Heaven's gate has opened up to you and you hear Angels singing?

    Yes, I understand what you mean. Through analysis. Get it? Like, double entendre there. And shit. (DOH! Triple entendre now, boooyyy!)

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    Sheesh, this thread sure is at the bottom.
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    Yes, so long as one is eating enough fiber. This way it is assured that your content is in the bottom, waiting to escape. I say this through nothing but logical analysis.

  6. You ever take a shit so bad you change religions....
  7. Shiat.... and I thought the Politics threads stunk.
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  8. You ever take a shit so bad you end up Snartapiss...

    That is where you sneeze, fart and piss at the same time.

    I did that once and actually went back in time 30 seconds.