Did you ever won in a forex contest ?

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  1. Friends- I wanted to know that have you ever been in a forex contest ?

    if you participated in such kind of contest can you share your experiences with me ?

    How you felt that moments when you are in the contest? is this fun, challenging or simply concentrating

    Last week I got into the website trade1on1 which is quite similar to some sort of forex contest....that is competing against 2 or more traders . you can visit the site and share that experience with me?

  2. Two months back i joined in a demo contest of a reputated forex broker but my experience is not too good .as a newbie i had to compete with the experienced forex trader and as a result what was supposed to be that happened on my forehead.i lost partially my capital in demo contest

    But at trade1on1, things are totally different there.I lost only the specific money which I put in the game. The competition is the same-like a tournament, the thing that have impresses me that I do not have to wait 1 or 2 month who won.There you can create your own tournament whther it is commodity, forex or stock and also set the time limit and decide on the money. i find it very nice.
  3. i join demo contest at time, its a good way to relieve stress and try out some new fast strategies though it ends up failing due to the high risk, the last contest i joined was the bulls eye contest at hotforex, though i did not win, but another countryman of min did, and its nice to hear he got like 10k out of it :D
  4. Yes, it is a relieve of stress. But don't lose confidence-I do not ever lose confidence in trade
    Because trust based business because there is no trade without confidence
    Without trust there is no profit

    My advice to you -trade1on1 is a quite a nice website and i think as far contest is concern, I find this one better. You should tried this before you proceed to some demo contest. I use feel my adrenaline rush when i get started in the game to challenge someone or other trader in this capital market because I do it all with my trading skill and abilities.
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    How you felt that moments when you are in the contest? is this fun, challenging or simply concentrating

    won multiple's ... in USA and Europha
    against until 10 000 -15 000 competitors

    ... not forex , but Gold was present

    Author experience

    1. Only 25 % of all case with win payed

    2. This which payed ,payed only after complain to SEC/CFTC,Court Of Iowa ,BAFIN (Germany -SEC)

    a. PFG payed 2000 $ ( won Russel index and Gold) ,after complain to Court of Iowa after that forced author out .Some time after that

    PFG Founder Attempts Suicide

    b. Etrade not payed 35 000 $ ,after that bankrott
    10 bil $ loss(85%) in share value in one year (buyed from Citybank)

    c. Commerzbank -one time payed 2222 euro
    ( 1 place of the week against 15 000 competitors)
    after complain .

    second win (Gold )not payed , BAFIN sended to Civil Court

    Commerzbank is bankrott

    d. Frankfurter Stock exchange sended only 1 win from 3
    (each win 1 place against 15 000 competitors)

    In this case's ,which not payed Germany SEC -BAFIN sended to
    Civil Court

    Can complain ,but decision expected after years ...

    ( Risk ,Lawyer/attorney expence ,time &)

    From pure Forex contest ,suspect FXCM King of the micro is the best


    1. It is not demo (500$)
    2. Contest is closed in juli 2012

    All another forex contest's a -good chance ,that win would not payed