did you ever read a news article and "thought you saw" a trade idea, and not take it

Discussion in 'Trading' started by OTCkrak, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. i remember in 2005 seeing news reports on "thursday" that a huge hurricane was building but the news story really only caught on over the weekend so that by Monday it was really headline news.

    the issue with katrina is that the hurricane season had already been busy and many people (the market) underestimated this latest one. just one example. think bear sterns

    anyways.. this January i was reading stories about the Greece debt issue when EUR/$ was trading at 1.45, although i did trade short for some gain.. I would have made a fortune floating an all in position to the recent lows of 1.345 WOW

    so.. with this article, i dont see how its NOT possible for EUR to make new lows this year, currently we are 50 pips from 1.343.


    anyone care to go long here and post a screenshot? yes i agree that this is oversold from last week trading 1.38.. but right now is THE inflection point, once 1.34 breaks... 1.25?