Did you all take my advice and make that 191% return?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by peilthetraveler, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. Back around Oct. 29th I mentioned a stock called SFI and gave advice that maybe some of you should pick it up. Most likely none of you listened though and Motley fool just put out an article today about the 10 biggest flying stocks that are likely to continue their flight. SFI was number 3 on their list having gone up 191.5% in 30 days time. (Remember I told you about SFI 50 days ago) http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=143004&highlight=sfi

    here is the motley fool article that came out today.

    I expect SFI to get to at LEAST 15$ per share by summer and eventually (maybe 2 years down the road to be back to its average trading price of around 35 per share (this is the average price it traded at for the last 10 years before the credit crisis)

    Anyway, another stock i think will probably fly high is GKK. I havent put as much money into GKK as SFI because I'm not as confident in GKK, but i like the fact that they are still turning a profit and have a nice P/E ratio of .89!! (thats POINT EIGHT NINE, not eighty nine!). I'm in GKK at an average price of 1.30 per share (Picking up a small amount at 1.05 and then 3 times as much at 1.40) Personally I think GKK will make a large move before begining of February.
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    are you saying we should take stock tips from posters on the internet?
  3. This is laughable. Do you think you're the only person who has picked a penny stock that has doubled or tripled in value? How have the rest of your penny stocks performed?
  4. even a broken clock is right twice a day...
  5. I wouldnt call SFI a penny stock anymore than i would call GM, or Ford a penny stock.

    As for my "other" penny stocks, I dont have any (unless YOU count GKK) And If i did have any others, I would've posted.

    You think I cant call a double bagger thats not a penny? Ok...I'll give you one. How about WBC. Thats a 15 dollar stock, that will eventually hit 45.

    I only mentioned SFI and GKK, because they are likely to make you at least 10 times your money because they are so low. Hard to do that with higher priced stocks, but go ahead, save this post and check out WBC a year from now.
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    No I missed your call but then again you missed mine.
  7. peilthetraveler,

    What are you trying to prove with this thread?

    So far, all I see is you're an insecure piker.
  8. Nice call, but starting a thread like this... yeah, just shows you're insecure. If you're insecure about your skills, you need to be doing more work. You need to be more humble and get a better attitude.

    Look at a guy like RM, whose calls, albeit very rare, work exceptionally well, with exceptional accuracy. He has no need to bump his own thread to the top, for he made a killing in everyone of the calls and anyone not smart enough to listen... well, too bad for them.

    I've made some decent calls myself, you can check my post history (only to see if it's worth it to tag along in the future, not so I can prove something)... most were totally ignored. I don't feel slighted about that, nor do I want extra attention. All that matters is that I made money.

    If you don't adopt the attitude I recommended and continue with the childish antics of starting a second thread for every good call you made, it just gives the impression that you're desperate, insecure, and that you're almost surprised it worked out... it also shows you didn't make enough money off of it, for if you did, would you really care if anyone else joined you?
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    But if it's any consolation it's been my observation that the advice here on ET is over time a net loser.

    IOW, as a rule, I don't follow anyone's "advice".