did we really touch 11720.77 today on the Dow?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Alexandre, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. It seems to be the high for the day. Are we sure about this?
  2. Well, my chart says 11720.45, but close enough.

    I was going to start a rant here this morning after the CNBC commentators were all breathlessly talking about possibly breaking out the champagne later today.

    Does anybody except the WSJ and their partners (like CNBC) care about how the Dow is doing?
  3. Lots of DIA put buying. This means that the DOW will break - and hold - the all time high, probally this week for sure.
  4. The only people that care are idiots, like politicans.

    The DJIA is useless.
  5. A lot of excitement

    Exactly the same was in early May.

  6. except without any momentum stocks to breakdown the indicies....
  7. Any examples?

  8. i think your question should be "any lack of examples?" :confused: :confused:

    no leadership from TIE, ATI, RTI (metals).

    AAPL corrected majorly a few months back.

    GLD got a beatdown.

    CHK, EPEX, etc. are all licking their wounds.

    edit: a lot of the specs got beat out of the markets over the summer - i know, i was one of them and got my ass handed to me after may 11th.
  9. The only two sectors that can power stocks higher are financials or techs.

    Financials already had a tear.

    As much as I want to like tech (some tech is undervalued)....well....good luck with all that.

    Transports are the canary in the coal mine.