Did we really look that dumb???1987 Crash

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by flytiger, Sep 20, 2008.

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    Get some stories up, like Rennick beating the Korean with a tuna sandwich. See up vs. down volume????
  2. lol ..
    seems like we'r reliving those days to the dot.
  3. A 22.8% fall at Dow 11,388 = 2600 points

    That's what another Black Monday would look like now.
  4. Wow that brings memories, I remember working at Kidder Peabody. heh.
  5. No place to go for the news. Kangas was it. I was thrilled to find this.

    How about Cavuto? I think he was living at Mom and Dad's then.
  6. Q12


    The coolest part of that is 2:08 in when Cavuto's talking and Flavor Flav walks up on the right hand side, clock and all.
  7. I knew from nothing, was in a technical job in electronics. We had a guy that had retired in place and was trading options from his office all day... after that day he had to hang on to walk the halls, he really lost it mentally, I don't know where he went, just one day he was not there anymore.. it was a lesson for me for sure... keep some insurance in place all the time if possible......

    the tape was running two hours behind eod....... LOL, times have changed a bit...
  8. wtf, what was cavuto like 14 in that report? :p