Did Trump really say "Storm the Capital?"

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    Did Trump say "Storm the Capital?" If so, then I think insurrection charges are warranted, otherwise,
    I think not.

    What I have read, is that he tweeted " \“Big protest in D.C. on January 6th,\” Trump tweeted a week before Christmas. \“Be there, will be wild!\”.


    I have to say, that I'm not really comfortable having him in our country's highest office at the moment,
    but I don't think his tweet above constitutes insurrection.
  2. Whoever controls the media and the big tech, controls the narrative.
    Currently it's the Deepstate establishment.
  3. userque


    You honestly are just now realizing that electing a clown to POTUS is "uncomfortable?" Blood had to be shed before you made that discovery?

    You honestly think the talk of insurrection was only about a tweet?

    And not about what he shat out of his mouth to the mob just before the mob's action resulted in five deaths?

    So many people with blood on their souls.
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    In a sad / disgraceful way...it does reveal the identity (their true character as a human being) of many on social media that supported the traitors / insurrectionists.

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  5. stu


    This is like suggesting a mob boss doesn't actually speak words to incite when he says "Beautiful family you have. Pity if anything should happen to them", then calls to his henchmen to walk down the guy's street and "go wild"

    It matters what a president says and insinuates.
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  6. You're more comfortable with Biden, Peolsi, Schumer, et al in charge? (That thought sickens/terrifies me.)
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    Would you be more comfortable with insurrection than Biden, Peolsi, Schumer, et al in charge?
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  9. I am always more comfortable with those voted into office being in charge (Pelosi, Biden, Trump in 2016), then butt hurt pussies crying about a loss...

    You all bitch about participation trophies and raising soft kids.... nothing softer than a loser crying on-stop and trying to cheat to get a win....

    Calling HRC a sore loser all those years, which she was, and tolerating trump whining like a bitch.

    SImple people give their allegiance to false idols who care nothing for you.
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  10. How was she a sore loser? How would you have behaved differently?

    Meanwhile, didn't Trump promise that everyone would get tired of all the whining, or some such?

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