Did todays UP TREND leave you behind?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Spectra, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. I noticed a few of our newer traders jumping on board todays trend
    in questionable places. Here's a quick 3 minute video on how I
    use BBS (Bollinger Bands) to enter a trade in the direction of the
    trend. As you know I'm not a big fan of drawing fibs. Video uses E-Mini Dow YM H7

    VIDEO LINK: http://www.puretick.com/video/bbs/

    Congratulations MaxSpan players on another great day.

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  2. To answer your timely question;
    no, usually already in.

    ES /SPY had a good trend day last Valentines day also:cool:
  3. Yes, I feel the love!

  4. What uptrend? ER closed unchanged for the day
  5. Wouldn't know, was refering to the grindy YM movement. Don't trade the ER :)

    Not to say it's not worth trading. I just learned on the YM and now thats my bread and butter.

    Could you share some of the reasons you like trading the ER?
  6. Hi Spectra,

    I myself use Camtasia to do live-recordings of my trading day.

    Therefore, out of curiosity, have you consider posting live-recordings of the actual price action as it developed (no recordings of a hindsight chart) on your charts that also includes the commentary you made in your signal calling chat room?

    I just feel that a live-recordings for your clients in the signal calling room may be more useful info along with giving your clients a better feel of what your teaching via being able to see the development of each interval as you traverse from one live trade to the next trade.

    Of course you'll have to edit out the segments you need for education purposes out of the larger recording file...

    Usually takes no more than a few minutes of editing.

  7. Spectra & even when day trading you can usually id a good trend day[up or down ]by shallow pullbacks EARLY.

    Just tighten up a trailing stop and ride it till eod;
    a good trend will not hit your stop.

    Now some days have a excellant range without shallow pullbacks;
    but i wouldnt call those ''good ''trend days. True of ES/SPY for sure

    IF one made the WORST entry on ES/SPY possible in 1st hour candle;
    still could have made money , simply noting even those shallow pullbacks on most moving averages today/trend day.

    It helps if you have observed/recorded ,what you are trading
    a lot also;
    wisdom is profitable to direct:cool:
  8. ================

    I felt the same way;
    sure they did also on CME/CBOT...:cool:
  9. Yes a good idea. I have not done anything live as of yet.

    Our other administrator, Bearishtrader, has done some live recordings from our room one is on www.puretick.com/room.html and there are a few on www.puretick.com/video.html that shows how he took some of Alex's signals.

    The problem I have with doing live recordings is that my CPU is tasked intra day. My eSignal layout is huge (4 monitors) and the indicators and auto scripts I have on my chart bog it down. I also have two execution platforms running, the usual virus stuff, an audio logging software, dragon naturally speaking and HotComCL. I will build another PC soon for data recording. Thanks for the idea.

    P.S. There are some videos where I used TickReplay (nice eSignal feature) to show how the market unfolded.

  10. ER2 is usually a better trend-follower than YM with less slipagge.

    Of course that this days are showing exactly the opposite. YM trending and ER2 getting a hard job to take the 820 zone out after a huge effort a few weeks ago to take the 800 zone.
    #10     Feb 14, 2007