Did they change Esignal?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Sanjuro, Oct 28, 2005.

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    I just noticed today that all my Esignal Chart quotes are lagging IB a many seconds.

    I use 5-min charts and it seems like my charts are updating every 10-20 seconds. I change to 1-min charts and my charts are updating every tick like i expect them to.

    I'm 100% sure my 5-min charts use to update every tick. Is there a setting I need to check? This 20 second lag makes the charts useless.

    Ex: ES #F + NQ #F 5-min chart. it barely moves and stays same number 2750.00 for several seconds. I change to 1-min and it updates 2-3 times a secound.

  2. Sanjuro


    I talked with Tech Support and they were able to reproduce the problem.

    It's a bug with their latest version 7.91 Build 732.
    Attached is a picture of 5 min laggin 1 min on my spread ES #F + NQ #F

    I'm going to remove this newer version and reinstall their older version which works fine. This should be reported and fixed by the next version.

    Let me know if anyone needs the directions to remove and get the older version of Esignal and I'll post the instructions.
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  3. Fixed by next version? So those who have the service but didnt read your post are kind of sitting ducks. I wonder if Esignal will do the right thing and send out Email notification for the remedy.

    I doubt it

    Thanks Sanjuro for your comment

    Too bad Esignal STILL doesn't have their act together

  4. I have also noticed the problem with 5-min spread charts totally lagging all market movements.

    When will the next version be available?

    Maybe someone from eSignal will respond.
  5. Always wait a few months before installing new versions of any software.
    Most people have no patience, they always want the newest and best software. Untill they discover that the "newest and best "software is not exactly what they had in mind.
  6. Lesson learned
  7. Sanjuro


    Remove Current Version

    Save all your templates
    Type 'uninstall esignal' on top right search box and hit GO
    Follow Instructions of First KB Article 1626

    Download Previous Version.


    Note: I recently reformat my computer and re-installed everything else I would still be using the old version. They did add some new features I noticed that was cool. The lag however is unacceptable for my trading.

    I just finished installing the old version and it works great.
  8. Before installing new software make a disc image from your HD.
    If the new software is not as expected you can restore your HD as before the installation. It takes only a few minutes and a big advantage is the fact that ALL the files and changes that were made by installing the new software are gone. That certainty you never have when you simply uninstall the software.
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    JayF_eSignal eSignal

    The issue that the original poster mentioned is certainly not a data delay, but it is a bug in the "spread engine". The spread engine is a term we use to describe the group of processes that handle the new formula interpretation released recently.

    Simply stated, bugs do happen in software development. This is a bug (identified as EDL#21671) that slipped past our Quality Assurance teams during the testing of 7.91. We have an software engineer actively working on the issue to be released with the next version of eSignal.

    In speaking to the concern of missing this during our testing, we will investigate where in our test plan this didn't get tested, and how we can help to prevent future things getting past our testers. In addition, we will be adding staff in this area to bolster our existing QA testing.
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    Hi Jay F,

    Any idea when the next version will be out?


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