Did the US sell the Chinese the F-22 plans?

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  1. Ok, I came across this -> http://www.istockanalyst.com/article/viewarticle/articleid/3251903 a few years ago. Looking at the "Chinese stealth fighter" - it looks a LOT like the F-22. My question is: Did the US sell the F-22 plans to the Chinese and now we are getting these fake ass "news" stories about the Chinese picking up the plans from the 1999 F-117 wreckage.

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    Is there anything that the Chinese HAVEN'T stolen from the West, especially, the US?
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    I just ran out to my back yard to check and it lookes like they haven't stolen my dog's poop yet. :D
  5. I would imagine the chances of even YF-22 data getting out there are slim but lets not discount the fact the math behind stealthy supersonic aircraft leads us to airframes that share a lot of similarities.
  6. Last I checked, the F117 doesn't look anything like the F22. [​IMG]
  7. They're good at leaving trash with the trash. [​IMG]
  8. You are correct the F-117 does not look anything like the current crop of stealthy supersonic warplanes probably because the F-117's max speed is Mach 0.92 while supersonic is Mach 1 and above. :)