did steve jobs waste precious time pursuing quack remedies?

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  1. according to this article when steve jobs learned he had cancer he spent the first nine months pursuing altenative remedies such as diet and other things. according to the author steve had a cureable form of cancer. did he waste time while the cancer spread?

    "Jobs' tumor was discovered in October 2003. He had been getting abdominal scans periodically because of a history of intestinal problems. His doctors noticed a growth that turned out to be an islet cell neuroendocrine tumor - a rare and operable form of pancreatic cancer. With surgery, his long-term prognosis would be good.
    But Jobs sought instead to treat his tumor with a special diet while launching a lengthy exploration of alternative approaches. "It's safe to say he was hoping to find a solution that would avoid surgery," says one person familiar with the situation. "I don't know if he truly believed that was possible. The odd thing is, for us what seemed like an alternative type of thing, for him is normal. It's not out of the ordinary for Steve."


    and this:

    (Fortune Magazine) -- In October 2003, as the computer world buzzed about what cool new gadget he would introduce next, Apple CEO Steve Jobs - then presiding over the most dramatic corporate turnaround in the history of Silicon Valley - found himself confronting a life-and-death decision.
    During a routine abdominal scan, doctors had discovered a tumor growing in his pancreas. While a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is often tantamount to a swiftly executed death sentence, a biopsy revealed that Jobs had a rare - and treatable - form of the disease. If the tumor were surgically removed, Jobs' prognosis would be promising: The vast majority of those who underwent the operation survived at least ten years.

    Yet to the horror of the tiny circle of intimates in whom he'd confided, Jobs was considering not having the surgery at all. A Buddhist and vegetarian, the Apple (AAPL, Fortune 500) CEO was skeptical of mainstream medicine. Jobs decided to employ alternative methods to treat his pancreatic cancer, hoping to avoid the operation through a special diet - a course of action that hasn't been disclosed until now.

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    Lots of alternative cures can go side by side to the modern medication. However it seems Jobs totally refused the modern science medication until it was very late. Seems he had some will power to face off tough challenges.
  3. It would be nice if there were inexpensive, natural cures for cancer. Sweden, Cuba and numerous other countries have tested many "natural cancer therapies," but unfortunately they haven't worked.

    I often hear the argument that chemo and radiation are the first treatments against cancer because that's how the pharmaceutical companies make their money. And since the pharma companies are rich and powerful, they have everybody in their pockets. There's no question that big Pharma companies are powerful and often corrupt; but Cuba and Sweden have expensive socialistic healthcare systems and are always looking for ways to reduce costs and improve outcomes. I seriously doubt that the Pharma companies have Fidel Castro or the Swedes in their pockets. In fact, the Cubans would like nothing better than to stick their thumb in the eye of the big pharma capitalist pig. So far, that hasn't happened. Cuba's tests of natural cures has failed (thus far) and they still use chemo and radiation to treat cancer just like everyone else.

    There are many organizations that fund clinical trials of natural cures (Milchael Milken and others are spending millions on these tests), but so far there haven't been any big breakthroughs. After losing my mother to cancer, and currently watching my grandfather suffer with the disease, nobody wants this more than me. So far, the scientific evidence for natural cures just isn't there.

    What we do know is that a good diet and a healthy lifestyle can prevent many diseases. Don't wait until you get sick. Live as healthfully as you can from day to day.
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    Have heard a lot about this http://www.tianxian.com/ natural cure for cancer. They are both preventive and curing in nature. Do not know how much true but this one has stuck around for more than 15 years now.

  5. In my view, it is extremely egotistical and selfish to criticize any person fighting to save his/her own life. Thinking through the options, Steve made his choice and fought his own fight. Kudos for him and others trying to innovate and successfully resolve such serious illnesses.

    One secret of the healing big business that you will likely never hear from them directly is that the placebo effect swamps many many of their formal studies. Did the person actually get better because of the drug? - or did they get better because they believed the DOCTOR COULD CURE THEM!

    There are also cases of remission where they have no idea how the person got better. Many cancer treatments can also cause cancer or other horrendous side effects.

    So let us respect someone who made a plan, followed it and happened to lose it. He was never on TV begging for his life, or blaming the system or any other such popular TV sound bites to deal with a very scarey real world problem.

    I respect him and suggest that we dignify him by remembering someone of great character.

    Just my thoughts.
  6. +1 and thanks.
  7. and is probably the same type of mistaken thinking that cost steve jobs. it is useful to publicize the outcomes of people who go this route so others dont make the same mistake in the future.
    you probably can prevent some cancer with a healthy lifestyle and diet but once that cancer is there you are not going to fix it with diet or supplements.
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    not every tumor needs to be removed.

    unlike prostate removal what were the downside to an operation for
  9. This is new and interesting information to say the least. Thanks FreeThinker for posting this.

    What I have to wonder is could all those "routine" scans have had anything to do with Jobs getting the tumor in the first place? They say radiation damage usually takes years if not decades to result in a tumor, and I know CT scans are relatively safe, but you never know.
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