Did shortboy.com bite the dust?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Babak, Jan 30, 2003.

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  1. Babak


    I went to www.shortboy.com recently (I visit it regularly for a good laugh) and found that the website has not been updated since Dec 2002.

    There have been no trades placed since then as well (except for two weird 'trades' placed on Atlanta and the Jets).

    :confused: He made $100 on Atlanta and lost $220 on the Jets.

    I also sent him an email wondering if he has quit or taken a break. I received no reply.

    What do you think? Is shortboy.com gone for good? Should be observe a minute of cyber silence as another huckster kicks the can?

    Shortboy waving 'bye bye' ?

  2. Maybe he is on sabbatical.
  3. One can only hope so :)
  4. Perhaps he was intimidated by Mr Market's hugeness.
  5. this is the best one.. :D

  6. nitro


    Is that John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever?


  7. invest the time you use to learn how to do things like that into doing research about trading strategies and develop a disciplined plan- its a much better use of your time.
  8. Oh yeah Ryan, cutting and pasting a simple .gif file is so very tricky and time consuming :cool:

  9. your mom just told you to get back to your homework! Think it's Mr Market under a pseudonym???
  10. ronbgelf


    Those are some cute graphics. Thanks for the heads up on the site! Very entertaining!
    #10     Jan 31, 2003
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