Did Ralph Elliot die broke?

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  1. For the record:

    AfterLOS not only thinks it but is actually 100% certain that wave application is Crème de la Crème

    Call it Elliott or whatever, we are dealing with waves and the Fibonacci numbers 5 and 3 are akin to gifts to ME. Ditto for the golden ratio and its counterparts .. 1.618, 0.618, sq root 0.786 etc.

    To me, I just call 'em WAVES

    The EDT (Ending Diagonal Triangle) is another gift

    so is the A-B-C counter-trend correction

    God bless Ralph N. Elliott and Bobby for teaching me this

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  2. jsp326


    I hope this was a joke...including the third-person references to yourself. Otherwise, Hershey may show up and we'll have a battle of the lunatics.
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  3. hedron


    Oh... I missed the second 't'. Sue me.
    I don't want to be compared to snake oil salesmen.

    So, he was wrong in all his trading, but somehow he managed to be a multi-millionaire anyway? Sounds like quite the successful snake oil salesman to me.

    Only a lunatic would know something about frog pussy. *shudders*
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  4. He's an academic...All academics die broke, or relatively broke :banghead: -- at least compared to their private enterprise colleagues.

    Falls back on that classic saying...Those who can do...Do. Those who can't...teach.
    More or less.
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