Did PEAK6 blow out?

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  1. anyone know anything about this rumor?
  2. nitro


    I have no idea, but two days ago their HR called me to try and hire me. It would seem that is contradictory to what you are saying.

  3. jim c

    jim c

    I heard the same rumor about peak6. no idea if its true. someone said they saw a headline on reuters. jim
  4. bidask


    mind if i ask how they found you? :) pm me if you like.

  5. So what did you answer related to the offer , if I may ask ? Would be good to know somebody from this board is working within PEAK6...:) By the way, related to the thread => tried to get some infos by calling them directly, but still nobody responsible in yet...
  6. Could you post link please? Did a search couldnt find it.
  7. jim c

    jim c

    total rumor...i couldnt find a link either. jim
  8. Peak6 rumors surface every time we see a lot of vol. They take on a lot of risk.
  9. nitro


    I have taken down my resume from Monster and Dice. Inspite of that, I get bombarded with about 30 calls a day from either the firm or recruiting firms representing firms.

    Every once in a while I get a really interesting call.

  10. nitro


    I don't work for Peak6.

    I know someone that does some very high level recruiting. He said that Peak6 has sort of a "rough" reputation. While I usually just take that as input and don't put much weight on it, the source in this case was of the highest order, so I could not ignore it.

    If a firm has a really interesting opportunity, I generally ignore opinons on the firm, no matter what anyone/who says. For example, one firm was looking for someone to do research using state of the art AI algorithms on large datasets. I think that would be really interesting...

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