Did P/C ratio reach 1.44?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Babak, Sep 22, 2005.

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    Can anyone confirm this via another source?

    edit: I'm referring to equity only PC (excluding indices).
  2. Investors Intelligence Bulls vs Bears also out today.
    Last week's numbers:

    Bulls: 53.2%
    Bears: 26.6% ( down from 28.1 previous week of 9/08 )
  3. Thanks Mike,

    I lost that second link a long time ago
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    Apex, thanks for the links. Personally I prefer the AAII because you know how its made (sheeple vote weekly). The II on the other hand is crafted by one person and he uses a lot of qualitative stuff to categorize the letters. True, the guy is a master and has tonnes of experience but still.

    And AAII numbers just crossed recently. They could get a bit more extended but this is the final bit of the down leg. The time to get short was way back when I posted about Cook's call.
  5. Agreed.

    This looks like one of the more useful threads on ET.
    (which obviously isn't saying much!)

    Let's keep it going from here on out with sentiment readings and technical insight.
    A big thumbs up to everyone on this thread!

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    OEX P/C ratio hit 3.0 early Sept. and it stayed up for an extended rally. Now we're entering oversold territory. But in Dec. when the P/C ratio tumbled after reaching + 2.5 it took awhile to bottom before rallying too.

    So we may bounce but could easily have a 2nd downleg before rallying. I like the OEX P/C ratio, check it out.


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  8. Babak


    Fresh outta the oven:

    15% bullish, 22% previous week
    64% bearish, 49% previous week
    21% neutral, 29% previous week

    (lowrisk.com's sentiment numbers)
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