Did OK on the day the market crashed

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mosheobrien, May 9, 2010.

  1. Last Thursday was a profitable day for me, fortunately. There is the blow-by-blow description of what happened in my IB account. Going into Thursday, I was short 4 ES, 2 Hang Seng and 1 TSE(Toronto).
    00:26:23(PST)--Covered my shorts in Hang Seng, did not want to be a pig, but left a lot of $$ on the table. Profit: US$9K.
    01:49:18--Shorted 1 IBEX35 for kicks.
    01:54:16--Stopped out for a loss of 560 euro. Should have gone to bed early.
    08:55:59--Shorted 200 shares of GOOG.
    09:14:59--Stopped out for a loss of ~$900.
    10:25:01--Market is tanking, my profit target in ES got filled @1145. Left way too much $$ on the table. Shorted from 1184. Made about 8K.
    10:58:17--ES daytrade: Longed 2 ES on divergence signal.
    11:03:35--Sold one for a 8-tick loss.
    11:03:39--Sold second one for another 8-tick loss.
    11:06:07--Bought 2 Dec Corn for position trade.
    11:15:45--Bought 2 ES on divergence signal again.
    11:17:52--Stopped out for a loss of <$200.
    11:37:02--Profit target for TSE got hit @683. Shorted from 714, each point is C$200. OK, not bad for C$6100 profit.
    11:41:21--ES daytrade on divergence signal. Longed 2 @1115.25.
    11:43:21--Market was tanking fast. I was typing in my stop when the market traded through it. Hit the "SELL MARKET" on my Ninja platform. Got one out at 1102.25.
    11:43:40--Forgot default quantity for ES was set at 1. Sold the second ES at the market @ 1099.50. Lost $3K in 2 minutes!
    11:46:45--Market was bouncing back, a few moments ago it was a a long red bar, now it was a long green bar, ES bid ask spread was 12-15 ticks. WTF, bought 2 ES @ 1074.25.
    11:47:40--Bought another 2 @1075.75.
    11:48:10--Sold 2 @1090.25.
    11:48:11--Sold another 2 @1090.25. Made $~3000 in <2 minutes.
    11:49:01--Markets continued to recover. Bought 2 TSE @ 677.9.
    11:58:09--A lot of foreign markets were down 6-7% on electronic trades, got to jump right in now! Australia is 5000 miles from Greece. Long 1 SP/ASX (Australia) @4373.
    12:05:18--Longed another SP/ASX.
    12:23:46--Longed 3rd SP/ASX.
    12:24:34--Sold one TSE @686.7.
    12:23:49--Sold second TSE @686.6. Profit:~C$3400.
    The same night, sold all 3 SP/ASX @4474. Each tick is A$75, profit ~A$7500.
    Quite a day in the market! Divergence signals failed on a day like this, good thing discretionary trade kicked to save the day.