Did Obama Just Green Light The Next 9-11?

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    President Obama has quietly revived a Saudi visa program like the one that let the 9/11 hijackers into the U.S. Only, his relies on the Saudi government to vet visitors.

    It's as if the horrific attacks of 11 years ago never happened, and 15 Saudi terrorists never infiltrated the country on rubber-stamped visas.

    How could this administration be so reckless about national security?

    Obama recently struck a deal to fast-track more Saudi students for U.S. entry during a White House meeting with the Saudi interior minister, who has lobbied for more visas.

    Shockingly, the president agreed to accept Saudi applicants into the Global Entry trusted traveler program, which means he trusts Saudis more than Germans or French — who aren't included in the program.

    Saudi visitors now go to the front of the line and skip normal Homeland Security inspections. Even crazier, our agents will share pre-screening duties with the Saudis.

    "The consulate has gotten rid of many of the negativities that occasionally contributed to the delay in the visa process," chirped an Obama diplomat in Dhahran, Saudi.

    "Why would we trust them?" 9/11 survivor Sharon Premoli demanded in an interview with the Investigative Project on Terrorism.

    The diplomat justified the program on economics. "Saudi Arabia sends a large number of students to the United States," Joseph Hood explained. "They represent an important economic factor."

    They also represent at minimum a hostile element and potentially a terrorist threat.

    The visa express program opens the floodgates to thousands of young Saudi men who will be able to stay legally in the U.S. for five years on student and vocational visas. And they won't be monitored while they're here.

    The feds stopped doing that years ago after the Saudi embassy, along with the Council on American-Islamic Relations, protested.

    Jihadists among the new Saudi entrants can waltz into America and test our flight security while pretending to go to college.

    Just last month, a young Saudi immigrant living in Oregon on an expired visa was arrested for conducting a suspected dry run during a Continental Airlines flight bound for Houston. He screamed "Allah Akbar" while trying to light something in the cabin.

    In 2011, a Saudi student was arrested on charges of plotting to bomb the Texas home of former President George Bush. The Saudis can also use their vocational visas to enroll in U.S. flight schools as the hijackers did.

    A new study by the Center for Immigration Studies finds three of the five top M-1 approved schools in the U.S. are flight schools. It also found that a whopping 52,000 Saudis already arrived here last year on M-1 or F-1 visas.

    By dumping more Saudi extremists into the system, we're worsening the odds that law enforcement can catch bad guys before they strike. Authorities are having a hard enough time dealing with all the homegrown terrorists cropping up. They don't need new waves of foreign jihadists, too.

    By inviting more unvetted Saudis into the U.S., we're simply inviting another attack.

  2. Follow the money.

    Universities are a core constituent group for Obama and the left. Who pays full freight as a student? Foreign students, that's who. They are not entitled to the scholarships, etc that schools use to grant hidden discounts to their outrageously inflated tuition.
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    I don't know. That foreign student thing worked pretty good for Obama when he went to college.
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    I thought was affirmative action in Odumbo's case. :)
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    I remember a fireman or somebody saying they were introduced to Obama when he was a student and he was introduced as a foreign exchange student.

    He was probably using his Indonesian passport to get some benefit or something. That's probably why he won't release he college records.