Did Obama Grow A Pair?

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    Look at this picture of the photo op of Obama and Putin after talking about Syria. Now there is a happy go lucky pair. :D

    <img src=http://www.nypost.com/rw/nypost/2013/06/18/news/web_photos/18.1n003.PutinObama.c--300x300.jpg width=300 height=300>

    Putin looks like he is thinking to himself: "I should have snapped that skinny assholes neck while I had the chance...."
  2. Putin is probably pissed because Obama made him swim in a cold lake.


    Obama books gym at G8 summit...so Putin must swim in an icy lake

    BARACK Obama won a “cold war” victory ahead of the G8 summit after bagging a gym — and leaving Vladimir Putin to exercise in an icy lake.

    The US and Russian leaders both bid for exclusive use of the fitness suite at the five-star resort hosting the talks in Northern Ireland.

    Neither wanted to back down — or work out together.

    But the stand-off was won by the 51-year-old US President as hardman Putin said he would get his fitness fix swimming in the lake surrounding Co Fermanagh’s Lough Erne hotel.

    A source told The Sun: “Both wanted the gym and Obama’s people requested it first. It could have sparked a bitter battle and ended up a laughable sticking point at the talks — but the Russians backed down.

    “They said it was fine as Putin will go for an early morning swim in the lake instead.”

    Former KGB officer Putin, 60, is famed for his macho image and love of outdoor pursuits.

    He has been snapped fishing topless with a knife in his belt, demonstrating martial arts and taking dips in freezing Siberian rivers.

    The source added: “The water in Fermanagh will be cold, but it should be no bother to Putin compared to Siberian rivers.

    “In fact he’ll probably revel in it, as it could make Obama look weaker in his mind for staying indoors with a trainer.”

    Neither the White House nor the hotel commented. The two-day talks start today.
  3. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    It's a victory to you that Obama is the pussy he is, eh? It was Putin who said he'd swim in the cold lake.

    I guess sissies like sissies.
  4. No way a wimp like Obama wanted to be in the gym with Putin.
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  6. Lucrum


    I wonder what stopped him this time?
  7. No luke.Putin wanted the gym ,Obama said it was his and he wasn't sharing then Putin said he would swim in a lake.Tsing is a smart guy but his hate and anger for Obama and Obama voters clouds his thinking on political topics.
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    Which makes Obama a certified documented indisputable pussy. Which I believe was the Chinese Beer guy's point all along.
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    LOL The baby Obama won't share the pool. What a prick.

  10. Obama making Putin swim in a cold lake makes him a pussy ? Ok

    BTW,Dems always make The ruskies back down
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