Did Obama come out of the closet this week?

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  1. Obama was mentored by two aggressively gay men who targeted young boys.

    1)His Indonesian nanny, "Evie", was a gay cross-dresser and often left alone with the young Obama when he was 11 years old.

    2)Frank Marshall Davis, the author of "Sex Rebel, Black" was an admitted bisexual and voyeur who targeted young men.

    These were 2 of the male guardians chosen for the young Obama, by his mother who was very angry with her war vet father. Obama's mother married a black guy when this was a big attention-getter. She was also then abandoned by Obama's father. The young Obama was then the closest male for her to take her anger out on. How else to explain repeated exposures to "Evie" and Davis?

    The President was very probably sexually abused as a young man. Not that that's his fault but it would give a man a "skewed" view of the world. At the very least, 4 of his father-figures were a traumatic disappointment. They were, Obama Sr., "Evie", Soetoro and Davis.

    Who could run that paternalistic gauntlet and NOT come away damaged goods?
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    Frank Marshall Davis was a communist that the FBI was watching. I think Obama's grandparents knew him since they were staunch communist supporters having attended communist events in various places in the U.S. in the 60's. It seems Obama spent a lot of time with Davis.
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  3. Subtle change in the way the media is using Obama now. Before they supported him believing patience was better and he would make them happy during his second term.

    Now they sense he is going down the tubes and they will use him to promote their agendas as much as possible with out regard to how it affects him politically.
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    very interesting analysis.
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  5. Max E.

    Max E.

    Nice work chief, apparently as an unbiased observer, you have a problem with what the conservatives said, yet you have absolutely no problem with the ridiculous lie that the liberals in the media tried to portray.

    I am an atheist who supports gay marriage, and because of that i find this cover by news week reprehensible.

    First off they are making Obama out to be a deity with the halo, which anyone with a brain should find repuslsive, and secondly, right after Obama's hedged statement where he said "I support Gay rights but I wont do anything about it" some homo sought fit to write an article proclaiming Obama was infact the first gay president. This "Newsweek" cover page has to be one of the most egregious examples of liberal B.S. in history.

    Liberals are now comparing Obama to Abe Lincoln, and calling him a "civil rights hero" Well why dont one of you guys who thinks that Obama's statement is groundbreaking try to tell me exactly what is going to change based on Obama's statement?

    And yet YOU Indythink, cant stand the reaction from conservatives, due to this ridiculous nonsense, which is all based on a ludicrous story from the liberal media.....

    Grow up, ass hole.
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  6. Actions speak louder than words. What legal change has Obama made on that issue? None. Until then, it's just PR.

    However, it is funny that a Democrat is putting himself more in favour of individual rights than supposed 'libertarian' Rand Paul:


    No genuine libertarian could possibly say it's the government's business who you marry.
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    Max E.


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  8. Lemming
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    Max E.

    How so? What is your basis for calling me a "Lemming?"

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