did Obama call Pres Bush a "Jive Turkey" ?

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  1. did Obama just call president Bush a Jive Turkey ???? and did he refer to his wife as the white house HO ?
    the good news is that there will now be a basketball court in the white house . the first thing Obama will do when sworn in is shoot some hoops with his home boys. i am looking forward to this.
    Obama will pull the troops out of Iraq and send "the bloods" over there to kill the insurgents as well as car jack some Iraqi soccer moms. there will also be some crack selling as well.
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  3. did Obama just call president Bush a Jive Turkey ????

    No. "Jive Turkey" was the name of a voter registered by ACORN.
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  5. Actually, he said the right things. If he cuts the crap spending, this whole mess may be worth it. You can't imagine.........

    Government agencies burying, actually burying hi tech equipment, so they can get new appropriations. Anyone in the military can tell you about the graft.

    He said what I wanted to hear. I pray he continues to do the right thing. We're in a hell of a mess.
  6. Very juvenile racist comments.

  7. what's juvinile about that statement. if he called Bush a Jive Turkey,we need to know. or was it cracker or sucka?
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    Why should we delete it, it brings out the true colors of the racist assholes on this site!

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