Did NK just detonate another nuke?

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  1. several large earthquakes near North Korea in the past hours and reports they they're launching more missals. This could get interesting!
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    Interesting for who?

    The only thing the outside world can do is place embargoes and sanctions. While China fully supports NK there is nothing the rest of the world can do....
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    Stock market thinks worldwide nuclear war is good for the economy. It would be specially bullish for oil since lots of plastic would be needed to replace arms and legs that would drop as a result of radiation
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    Link link link link! :eek:
  5. You must've had a couple big beefy burritos with jalapenos, chief, b/c I'm not seeing anything on BBC or anywhere else.

    Link it if you see it.

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    AP - Reports of several large earthquakes on the Korean penensula have been confirmed by local sources. The origin of the quakes is believed to be Kim Jong-il quaking in his boots awaiting the Obama response to the recent underground detonation of a nuclear device by North Korea. :eek:
  7. They will get another UN warning notice in the mail. North Korea probably frames them and hangs them up on the walls.
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    Kim Jong-il had better get back in line or he is going to get another strongly worded memo from Obama. :D
  9. Maybe some of you want to check on the Kospi Index instead of relying on totally unsubstantiated claims by some wanna-be poster or BBC, or the rest....

    Kospi has not blipped in the slightest, nothing happened whatsoever, you can be asured of that.

    I will never understand why some people rely on internet news when there is traded market prices and TONS of completely free real-time news feeds. Hmm...
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