Did Niederhoffer Lie To Baron?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Pa(b)st Prime, Sep 26, 2007.

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  2. -munching popcorn-
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    maybe. it take alot of time and effort and money to disapprove a rumor. some may feel that it is better to get a public admittance of error by the other people.
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  4. As an aside, I note that there is somewhat of a selective effort dedicated to rumor quelling here at ET. For example, we all know the boisterous claims of one of our members (3 times the daily range, never a loss, 4-7% a day on average), and these claims remain essentially unchallenged and unfettered by ET's administration. However, they are actually worse than rumors because they remain unsubstantiated claims presented as fact. So I ask you, which rumor can be potentially more damaging to a relative newcomer to ET? And which one was quelled while the other one remains unfettered?

    EDIT: Yup, here we are in Chit Chat. And so it goes.
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  5. You mean Jack Hershey isn't a god?

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  6. Insiders say Matodar/insiders screwed the Marketsurfer over on this one. Smurf is eating it, its why no defense.

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  7. LOL...I was wondering why he wasn't here to suck up to his boy.
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  8. If unsubstantiated claims were removed from ET then this forum would be a very cold and empty place. Almost everything I read is unsubstantiated.

    I would suggest the admins are sensitive to is the latent tendancy around here towad character assassination. When that is based on rumour and supposition I suppose they feel compelled to stop the childish fun and games.

    Indeed, it would be my wish that this inane thread gets pulled too. But, freedom of speech dictates that this schaudenfreuder steeped in ignorance will probably be allowed to continue.
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  9. How very dignified. Of course, you are not swayed by the silly argument that the information was presented in good faith by a fairly long standing member of ET who got wind of the rumor from a source he regards as somewhat reliable. That he did not present the statement as fact is of no consequence, right? It's character assassination! Who could possibly conceive of Mr. Niederhoffer losing money? The mere notion is outrageous. And, no doubt, if you heard such a rumor from a source that you considered otherwise reliable, you would almost certainly stick your fingers in your ears and make "la la la" noises so as to drown out the offending nonsense.
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  10. It's confirmed now by multiple sources.

    Vic blew out.

    I don't know what Vic's comments/denials to Baron were but there's a good chance Vic violated Federal law by whitewashing/lying about his performance.

    Water under the bridge. He's history.

    Hopefully we don't hear of his suicide.
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