Did Niederhoffer Lie To Baron?

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  1. I meant August. Sorry.
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  2. He's probably puking right now with SPX all the way back up to 1525 and Nasdaq at 6 year high at 2700.

    Like they say, there are old traders and bold traders - but no old bold traders.
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  3. Pekelo


    Can you clarify:

    Did the investors withdraw 93% of their money or did he have a 93% loss? I think it is the former after the big drop in Feb/March....
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  4. Ouch!
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  5. gaj


    well, someone archived the original posts, as i saw them after it was deleted.

    not on archive.org or the google cache, but they took screenshots, i believe.
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  6. I don't know. My language is purposely ambiguous. 93% seems outragous for a DD but then again....it's Vic we're talking about.
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  7. NTB


    How do you know the WSJ is working on a story?
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  8. Fascinating, but how soon before this thread also does the disappearing act. (talk fast!)
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  9. On the daily spec site he runs with Laurel there is a youtub video of him walking behind Brad Pitt in a park in NYC. Maybe he is hiding?
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  10. Maybe he's hoping to pick up some loose change.:D
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