Did Neke blow himself up in the journal section?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by retaildaytrader, Mar 24, 2010.

Did Neke blow up?

  1. Yes he did

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  2. No he didnt.

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  1. Last time I looked, he was down 200k and then he has not entered a journal entry in several days. Does anyone know what happened?
  2. If you check again hes making small weekly gains, still higher than what avg. american makes in a week.
  3. Blow up is a subjective term. He's down about 162k (40%) since the beginning of the year. He's still trading and posted results for last week (+5k). Yes, he's lost a lot of money and a substantial percentage of his account but longer term he is still up over 200% from where he first started out and is around +170K, which excludes his starting stake. Is that your definition of blow up? It's not mine.
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    What's the point of this thread? How would this make anyone(esp Neke) a better trader??
  5. You meant Neke's journal thread? Or this thread that asked if Neke has blown up?

    Neke only posts an update once a week. And he doesn't interact much with the readers.
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    Especially given he has pulled out (cash withdrawal) over 400K from the same account (for tax and personal use) since that first thread!

    (PS: Just discovered this, and couldn't help but chime in!)
  7. Link please?
  8. Pathetic, pointless, souls envy other's achievement and jeer at other's misfortune.:eek:
  9. how did he lose 200k??? did he short the market?:eek: