Did Nate Silver......

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  1. call EVERY SINGLE STATE correctly??

    Anybody got a link to this?
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    The Gallup most likely voter poll showed Romney well ahead at one point. I had always been told that this was the most reliable poll. Don't think I will be paying much attention to it anymore.
  3. That's simply incredible. I got that piece of info thru a text message that Silver had gone 50/50.

  4. Very impressive. Silver did an excellent job forecasting the outcome.
  5. CU Ken Bicker model was wrong
    Yale electoral model was wrong too
    Morris and Rove were wrong
    Gallup was wrong
    CNN/CBS/WSJ/FOX independents polls were wrong

    Nate Silver was dead right!
  6. A lot of people stated some pretty disparaging stuff about Mr Silver. I think some apologies are in order. The guy predicted an EC blowout and even he was conservative.
  7. It was Silver's quant on Romney (high 20s on the digital) that had me enter buy limits at betfair and intrade to cover my "pick'em" wagers at 29. I owe the guy.
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    Any news for Nate this year? I tried to look something up but no new info found as of yet. [​IMG]
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