Did NASA manipulate climate data, too?

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    "FACTSHEET: Competitive Enterprise Institute, CEI
    1001 Connecticut Avenue, NW Suite 1250 Washington, DC 20036
    Phone: 202-547-1010
    Fax: 202-546-7757

    Founded in 1984, CEI is a Washington - based conservative think tank "whose research on public policy reflects the principles of free enterprise, individual liberty and limited government." CEI is at the center of the global warming misinformation campaign.

    CEI has tackled tough and contentious scientific issues such as global warming, carbon dioxide and fuel-economy standards, most recently expanding into the politics of food. It has become the go-to think tank in the fight against excessive federal government regulations, supporters say. (Beyond the Theories: Think Tank Debunks Popular Myths; Audrey Hudson, May 18, 2004, Washington Times)

    The organization mixes free-market ideas with the antiregulation and environmental movements, but unlike most institutes that are content just to think and speak, the CEI does not shy away from forcing action through the courts or the legislative process.

    CEI, among many other statements denying the seriousness of global warming, has argued that climate change would create a "milder, greener, more prosperous world" and that "Kyoto was a power grab based on deception and fear" (R. Brunet, "It Just Ain't So, Say These Reputable Scientists" Alberta Report, 10 November, v.24(48) 1997 p20-21). In addition to leading the campaign to convince the public that global warming is uncertain, CEI has weighed in on pesticide risk and endocrine disrupting chemicals - both of which pose no threat to human health, in CEI's view - and has supported regulatory "takings" measures.

    CEI supports eventual elimination of the Superfund and has advocated the complete privatization of the Endangered Species Act, arguing that species protection would meet the level of "demand," based on how much citizens are willing to pay for habitat preservation (CLEAR fact sheet). CEI has a long anti-environmental pedigree. CEI is a member of the State Policy Network and the Cooler Heads Coalition. CEI was a sponsor of the first Wise Use conference in 1988 and has had membership in the Get Government Off Our Backs coalition, the wise use umbrella group. CEI is also a network member of The Heritage Foundation, Alliance for America, and the anti-Endangered Species Act group, Grassroots ESA Coalition. CEI was also a co-sponsor of the 1998 NY State Property Rights Conference.

    With more than a $3 million annual budget, CEI is supported by both conservative foundations and corporate funding. Known corporate funders in addition to ExxonMobil include the American Petroleum Institute, Cigna Corporation, Dow Chemical, EBCO Corp, General Motors, and IBM. One of CEI's prominent funders is conservative Richard Scaife who has provided money through the Carthage and Sara Scaife Foundations. CEI is also heavily supported by the various Koch brother foundations."
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IdFVTTq8hc
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    Here's someone who questions the hockey stick presented in your clip. Quite convincing.

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  5. How could they think that pesticides aren't dangerous when they are maid to kill living being... beyond rational :eek:

    Did they went to India were the Cotton is grown ? What the familly of farmers had to endure because of the usage of pesticide... Just need to go to watch...

    However the familly were the farmer don't use pesticide are really better of in the long run...

    That's so wrong... How could the animal be part of the market ? And be their own bidder ? I mean really they too were born on this planet... So they too need their own resources... And it's wild life ! So we can't manage it. Happily it can work on cohabitation with us...

    You know the market can only be really wise when they aren't a single child suffering fom hunger or poverty in the world...
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    'Climategate' Emails Do Not Reveal Fraud - AP


    Review: E-mails show pettiness, not fraud
    Climate experts, AP reporters go through 1,000 exchanges
    By Seth Borenstein, Raphael Satter and Malcolm Ritter

    updated 10:18 a.m. MT, Sat., Dec . 12, 2009
    LONDON - E-mails stolen from climate scientists show they stonewalled skeptics and discussed hiding data — but the messages don't support claims that the science of global warming was faked, according to an exhaustive review by The Associated Press.
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    I hope you are joking. Seth Borenstein is one of the authors of these hacked e-mails. He seems to be co-operating with these ''scientists''. No wonder he defends them and himself. Just google or go here:


    Noone should be the judge in one's own case.
  8. Stonewalling skeptics and hiding data is what the left has deemed science.
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