Did Mr. Black Swan cause the Black Swan?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by intradaybill, May 11, 2010.

  1. My vote is on the stupidity choice.
  2. I will agree with you.
  3. Thats like blaming the Boy Scouts for a hurricane....

    Only the Girl Guides would propose such a theory.
  4. Poor Mr. Taleb just proved that his "Black Swans" are just another unicorn.
    Isn't it ironic!
    Hey, that's a song phrase.
  5. GG1972


    +1 LOL
  6. jprad


    What's ironic about that stupid song is the signer. She obviously hasn't a clue as to what that word really means.
  7. I know . . . just being silly.
  8. If someone is smart enough to figure out how to place a $7.5 million trade that brings world markets to its knees, they deserve their profits. Also, we ought not piss them off.

    And that's the real irony. She knows exactly what it means, did the song that way on purpose, and your head just asploded. :D
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