Did MichaelScott call it?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by JimBob56, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. JimBob56


    Although I could not find the exact thread...I remember that MS posting a thread similiar to this.

    .....if FTEK hits $30.00 it will be the begining of the demise of the current stock market. This should happen sometime in June.

    FTEK hit $29.8 on 06/05/2007.

    So far were down 300+ points.

    Just the facts Mam
  2. michaelscott has called so many things that I think he said if "aliens come and eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on white bread with a glass of soy milk on June 27th or shortly thereafter the markets will rocket."

    That guy has a spout that never keeps on pouring and he tells everyone how smart he is, yet he said he works another job. Seems he's not smart enough to make money trading alone.

    Have you seen his charts with so many lines on them they look like a digital haystack? :p
  3. You throw enough mud at the wall.....and eventually something is going to stick. Same strategy applies to posters who make market calls.

    You want the call of the year, and I don't make many market calls, or stock picks. I said buy DRL, those who followed along, made 50 to 100% on their money in short order.

    You want ST calls...I can give those too....sell at 150.50 on the SPY tomorrow, if market opens below 149, sell the 149.10 area, give yourself .30 risk, and look to make as much. Better yet, cover a portion at .30 target, then follow with trailing stop to catch any further downside. Depending on the morning action, we might be buyers too, but we will have see what happens overnight to make that decision.

    As always, this information is purely educational, consult your own experts, and trade at your own risk.
  4. mokwit


    It was a the Gann date on 6 June, previous one was 21 May.
  5. Broken clock is right twice a day too
  6. Yes and you were correct; DRL was a nice play.
  7. comedy.
    pure comedy.

    i was thinking of posting an equation with a fibonacci ratio and perhaps refer to a cup and handle or island reversal failure in homage to him... but i couldn't do him justice.
  8. JimBob56


    I know that MS is a prolific poster. If you can put egos a side, did he make the call about the current stock market?

    I have not seen anybody else posts a specfic and concise evalutation of a certain stock as it relates to the stock markets current position. MS position was that the market was going to tank when FTEK hit $30.00.

    To prognosticate a $30.00 price 3 weeks before the event. Speculate that If FTEK goes this price than the market will contract.

    So far he is correct.

    Just the facts