Did McCain Pick Palin, or did he only approve the pick?

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  1. McCain doesn't strike me as a detail guy at all, maybe even less so than Bush.

    McCain's advisers made the pick, sold it to McCain.

    They are running the show, they just tell McCain where to go, when to show up, and hope he doesn't say something stupid.

    I don't picture McCain in deep thought about the choice. He is not a political strategist, he is a figure head.

    He might have said "I don't want that SOB Mormon" or "Fuck Rudy" or something like that to his advisers, but that's about it.

    McCain depends on his advisers, and will be that way in the White House.

    He isn't a hands on guy, they will wake him up for speeches, photo ops, teleprompter readings to the country...but he will not be running the country.

    Like Cheney or hate him, he was running things and had the temperament to carry out the Bush agenda.

    This woman doesn't strike me as being equipped for the job of running the country the way Cheney ran the Bush administration.

    A guy like Clinton ran the whole damn thing, a criticism of Clinton was that he was too involved.

    Bush has never been involved enough, and McBush will be even less informed and involved...which places power in the hands of the underlings and advisers.

    I certainly envision Obama as much more involved with and more informed of the details than McBush.

    I think Biden would be more like Gore in terms of involvement in the workings of the executive branch, not like Cheney to Bush.

    The question then becomes, is Palin really fit to assume Cheney's job of running the country?

    I think she is probably a much nicer person than Cheney, etc. but is she CEO material for the country in this era where we have absent minded presidents like Bush and potentially McBush?
  2. He apparently overdosed on viagra before he made his final decision!
  3. His staff begged and pleaded with him not to pick Palin. Some began to cry all the while telling him it would be the end of his political career. McCain angerly shot back at them saying that "Pull yourselves together....we are going out with a bang"
  4. zzzzz,

    You obviously don't know much about Mac. This was a McCain decision through and through. He often does way out of the box shit. He is a risk taker.