Did Keystone Go Under?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Cotton, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. Cotton


    I was looking through some of the older threads and read that they used to get trashed pretty good here, but not for for a while. Their Twitter feeds and Facebook page has gone silent and no ubiquitous Craigslist ads either. Just curious.
  2. bstay


    what did their website say?
    (of course i've checked their website, e.g. upcoming events and blog to see when was the last update, ....... just wondering if you checked too before proclaiming they went under)
  3. Cotton


    Yes I did, and no updates since beginning of year. Last blog update Jan 20, last event Feb 2. For a firm that was ubiquitous in its spamming, sorry, advertising on various sites like CL, they have gone uncharacteristically quiet.
  4. They're pimpin their "education" at T3 now.
  5. How do you know that? Do you have any evidence?

    If that is true then only several independence firm left over.

    SMB anf lynex trading now with T3, if what you said is true and keystone is with T3

    Then,we now have coastal and avatar and dimension trading as independent.
  6. Cotton


    and WTS and Echo
  7. dealmaker


    "If that is true then only several independence firm left over".


    There are still quite a few left,
    ECHOtrade, Bright Trading, Maverick Trading, WTS, Altrion, Dimension, SMB Capital, T3 Capital, VTrader Group,
    East Bay Proprietary Trading, Coastal Trade Securities are a few that come to mind.
  8. I was talking about the prop firms and the one in NY , Bright is not a Prop Trading firm as i know, Only 4 to 1 , please correct me if i am wrong.

    WTS sucks no one consider them as a prop firm , that is a chop shop, a firm that accept only $1500 to open account is only interested to make commis, No new trader can stay in the game with a $ 1500.00 account

    SMB is not independent any more they now clear through T3 and only charge traders for strategies that dosnt exist anymore TAPE READING ! for a nominal fee of $ 10,000.

    Yes T3 is independent and they growing fast also Dimension and coastal and i have mentioned the rest.

    I am not here to promo any of them i just stated the fact.
  9. dealmaker


    I am not an employee of these firms either, just passing on information.
    Bright is a prop firm and leverage is as much as 30 to 1. As far as I know they do not have an office in NYC but they will let you trade remote.
    I don't know what your criteria is for a prop firm, it sounds like you are only looking for broker dealers if so you need to go to a firm that requires series 7 and Bright, Echo, Maverick, East Bay meet this criteria. I know Echo has an office in NYC.
    In my personal opinion tape reading is more vital than ever.
  10. Thank you. Bright need series 7 licence? As i know, the others are member of CBSX and no lic in needed.

    By the way i heard CBSX member might very soon need to pass a test.
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