Did JJC *Jim James Cramer* have a falling out with some of CNBC staff?

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  1. Hey does anybody know if Jim had a falling out with some of the cnbc anchor staff. I read an article from him hinting of a falling out. That some of the staff at cnbc didnt like what jim was doing on cnbc. I was wondering if the people that he fell out with included dave faber. He was railing on faber today, for being propaganda tool for carl ichan. So when did the falling out happen, was it before mad money or after. And did he have a falling out with kudlow. It seem that he dispised that show, and the political aspect that k&c was going.
  2. watched him one day with my GF and we reached the same conclusion that it really seemed like he and joe kernan despised each other. they were subtley dissing each other during a mid-market dialogue.
  3. and faber just seems like a tool anyway...the guy that could never make it into a frat, but still hung around the frat parties
  4. I wonder why. I thought he and faber wouldnt get along b/c of how faber released the news his former fund was failing back in the day.

  5. Cramer is losing it. Kira just called about Amazon, and he started off with Amazon, and as the conversation progressed, he ended up talking about Amgen.

    The inevitable blow up is near.
  6. Seems to me Cramu isn't happy unless he is pissed at someone. He lives to fight with people.
  7. ===============
    That is a part of his personality, & others also;
    he seemed to enjoy getting mad at Carl Ichan also.

    Still enjoy Cramer ;
    M Money:cool:

  8. I like Cramer.. but Ichan is on a different level. I doubt Ichan could give 2 shits about some CNBC personality like Cramer. He could probably make one call, and have him terminated.
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    Cramer and getting along with others, HA.

    Ok, what about Kudlow? Larry belongs on FOX as a one trick pony for the tax cut solves all problems camp. There is no sense in listening to him or for that matter Steve Forbes either....:eek:

    Kudlow is a sharp economist, but it is all one sided. One sided conversations are never problem solving, just wasted time and effort in attempting to convince the other guy of your mantra.

    Kudlow would be right at home with the FOX NEWS propaganda crowd.
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    I get the impression that CNBC (as a whole) loves Cramer right now....I haven’t looked at any TV ratings charts, but it seems like every retail investor is tuning into Mad Money....his stupidity, pushing of meaningless buttons, and throwing of chairs is getting people to consistently watch every day (and that’s all CNBC Corp really wants anyways - ratings)...and this is something that I doubt happened when it was simply 'Kudlow and Cramer'.

    Also, CNBC wouldn’t be airing the show three times a night if people weren't watching it...and I doubt anyone within the CNBC corp. gives a shit if Cramer isn't getting along with any of the other anchors with the ratings Mad Money is getting them

    Just my 2 cents....I think all of Jim's picks are just guesses that he masks behind all the other shit in the show (all the sound effects, charts, high energy...). It’s nothing you can take seriously, but it can be entertaining to watch after a long day of work.
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