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    I have taken to task the question asked by all, but seldom told directly, about the various software trading systems. Notwithstanding the concept that they are only tools to make a person have a better educated attempt to prevail successfully in the market, given the average person with limited knowledge, has anyone made any money following the context of these programs AND could the average "Joe" off the street learn enough to make successful trades? :confused:
  2. I have made net profits trading a system I bought from a software vendor: +40% from June 2005 to 12/30/2005. However it may not be quite as you imagine: the vendor sells a backtesting software package which also contains ten predefined systems. The software lets you modify the values of the system parameters however you want, and try out the system with those parameter settings.

    I don't want to incur the wrath of the Moderator(s) by mentioning the name of the commercial product; you'll be able to figure that out pretty quickly by doing a little digging. (What product has a "look and feel" similar to the picture below?) Here is the system I trade, and parameter values I trade are among those being invoked in the "stepped" test identified here:
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  4. (1) Nobody making real money is going to be very generous with releasing sensitive information;
    (2) Hence, in all likelihood, the answer to the out of the box usefulness of solutions is questionable and almost impossible to verify. Don't rely on so called 'rating' services. These are always commercial gimmicks;
    (3) Whether some really could make money with these? All I know: I couldn't;
    (4) As this endeavor is going to pit you against the smartest brains money can buy, the path to the top will be strenuous. You'll have to do it on your own. Of course, no possibly helpful tool is to be left unexplored;
    (5) Although mathematics can be useful, beware of the math clowns. Also beware of grandfather-like mentor dudes filling up hundreds of forum pages with friendly nonsense supported by an abnormally large herd of believing sycophant-losers.