Did increasenow take down elitetrader again?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by rc5781, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. rc5781


    By posting too many questions??
  2. I don't know what caused it but I am glad the site is up and going again, I didn't know what to do w/o the jreynolds undicator. :) Just messin' w/ ya brotha.. Just lay off the caps a bit and consolidate your market predictions into one thread.

    GL & GT to all today.
  3. No..institutions were mad I was telling everyone about the run to 1385..LOL!!! :D
  4. bearorrists did it lol
  5. Sir...please ask before you use my 'username'...for possible copywrite infringement reasons
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    Increasenow...on behalf of the elitetrader webmasters I have been asked to inform you that you will be limited to 10,001 posts in any 24 hour period. Please do not violate this limit.

  7. Avi 8

    Avi 8

    Check the fine print.

    Baron, the owner of ET, owns the copyright.

    If your postings have value, such that you want to 'copyright' them, then I suggest you stop posting and start your own website.

    You gave up any 'copyright' by freely posting here on ET.
  8. limit


    This must be the seriousness you refer too,,,,lol
  9. well i don't have anything to worry about cause et mods love to delete post and run off anyone or anything that has value here. unless its a paying sponsor which there are fewer and fewer of. mostly because one method of one mad man has taken over et.

  10. You rode the short bus to school didnt you?

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