Did IB change something today?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by illiquid, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. For the first time in about a month, my TWS quote feed has not slowed at all this morning.

    Note: I had the same issue of quotes slowing down in 2 separate computers connecting on 2 different isp's, so I am still at a loss to what it could be.
  2. ja, maybe it is just an impression but i also see today tws dont freezes and much quicker to send orders...could be only cuz it's not a particular active day tho.
  3. Again today, right on schedule, the TWS slows to a crawl and stops right around 10am. No purple grid, just choppiness-until-frozen quotes. Meanwhile realtick runs fine. Restarting is the only option, but it still takes a few minutes for it to come back to normal.

    Like I said earlier, 2nd computer on a completely different ISP that this has happened. Anyone have any clues as to what it might be?
  4. Ok, if anyone cares, I've found that using my Itunes to play music might be the cause of the quotes slowing down -- if anyone can confirm or refute the possibility of this, please don't be shy.
  5. Anything is possible, but it would be something peculiar to your system, not a normal issue.
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    TWS has been running fine all morning here.

    BTW: I've found itunes to do strange things to the computer it's running on. It interferes with networking in my experience.

    Ditto for VMWare Workstation licensing subsystem (checks license every few minutes even if the vm is not running, which is absurd).
  7. RE:TWS-Itunes problems

    If you would, bring up the Task Manager window (ctrl-alt-del) and watch that sucker while you do stuff.

    If it pegs cpu usage in the 90s, then you may have slow downs.

    I have my TM running all the time while TWS is cranking and I don't see problems until I fire up too many apps.
  8. An easy way to test is to kill the iTunes process. Leave it running on one machine, and stop it on another.

    I've had problems over the past week with IB's data feed "pausing" for 10-30 seconds. Talk about the pucker factor when you see a breakout forming, you get into position, and then everything just pauses....

    I'm in the process of switching to MBTrading.

  9. Is the pausing occurring between 9:45-10:15 or so? Mine just starts as a lag that gets more and more pronounced, until all my quotes regardless of exchange grind down to a halt (no purple grid either). Eventually they get back to normal after about 30 minutes.

    I've not been using Itunes or any other program for that matter while trading (except for Realtick), and I am still experiencing these quote stalls just about every day.

    The thing is, I've seen this problem on 2 separate computers using 2 different ISP's -- same exact issue, so I don't believe it is an issue with my hardware or connection. However, they (IB) claim that no one else is complaining about the problem, so I am at a loss. I've sent a logfile to technical support so just waiting for a response.

    So no one using TWS this morning has seen any kind of slowdown on their quotes?
  10. These slowdowns and burps are a continuing problem, but I'm not surprised that "no one else" is complaining about it. One learns not to.

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