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  1. I currently have a NVS PCI Express 280 as the only video card running in my system and I was in the process of adding a NVS PCI 280. I put the new pci card in. I then downloaded the drivers. The 2 new screens were working but were tinted green. Does anyone know the reason for this? Was it just a color configuration problem?

    Then I moved forward and lightly kicked my computer tower(accidently). Instantly a blue screen came up and said that there was a hardware or software problem (I can't recall exactly what it said - very stupid that I didn't write it down) and it said windows had stopped running to protect my computer, then it said to restart it. I did that and the computer started and everything was back to normal (still with the tinted green screens) then 2 minutes later same message comes up. I restart again but this time nothing comes up on the screen when I restart. I don't even think it really booted but I'm not 100% sure on that. I am 100% sure that nothing was outputted to the screens.

    I then removed the new video card I had added thinking it might be the problem. This didn't help. After I removed it and restarted nothing happened again.

    Does anyone have any idea what happened?

    Do you think the tinted green screens meant the card was installed improperly or is there no correlation to the video card and the current problem?
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    you just need to adjust your LCD colors to get rid of that tint.
  3. so then it is probable that the problem happened when I kicked the computer....

    it was such a light kick....
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    green tint is usually cause by a bad connection. Just tightening the screw would do the trick. If not, a new cable is all it needed.
  5. Unplug your video cable and make sure none of the connection pins are bent.

    I had this happen to me once and it was because one of the pins on the connector was bent.

    Good luck.
  6. Does anyone have any suggestions on why the computer isn't working though...
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    if you don't see anything then a) video driver conflicted b) loose video card c) did you unplug something when you pluged in the card. As the last resource, get a second computer to debug this one.
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    prob you have loosen one of the power cables while working on the card.
  9. I think you have conflict in video drivers. The blue screen is not good to see oftenly. Something is crashing with anytime they meet each other. I have pantium 3 with 1000mhz, since 2001 and I have vidoe card maxtor g4500, and I am running 3 monitors on it. It has the same problem, once in a day it crashes and going back to restart . Thanks god, I am not using it for trading.
  10. the computer isn't even booting
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